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2m x 2m Covered Roof Lean to Run


  •  2m x 2m, Made with 50mm x 50mm Tanalized Timber (The Roof Is 75mm x 50mm )
  • Pent Roof Design 200mm Fall Over The 2m Depth
  • Height Options (Measured from inside at the front, the wall side will be 200mm more + 100mm Roof/Plastic)
  • 1.6mm Galvanized wire mesh 25mm x 25mm, routered into frames.
  • Sectional Design, easy home assembly (2 people required)
  • Lockable Door (Padlock Required)
  • Roof can be Mesh, Felt or Corrugated Plastic (Felt supplied loose)
  • 100mm overhang to the front and sides of roof, Fasia board (not shown) also supplied
  • Solid & Plastic option has a reinforced roof, for wintery conditions.
  • Enhanced Shelves 280mm Deep £5.00 each

Door Position (Viewed From The Front) 
Filler Under Run (Fall Away From House) 
Price  £ 849.00
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