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Large Cat Pen

  • Large Cat Pen/Run, 4.6m Long x 1.75m Wide x 2.4m (High), The Pen is 750mm Deep x 1750mm Wide x 2500mm High, The Run Measures 3850mm x 1750mm x 2400mm (L/W/H)
  • Pen is fully insulated and ply lined, Built using Tanalized Timber 50mm x 50mm Frame & 12mm Ship Lap Cladding
  • Large Ladder leads to a catflap
  • Wide access insulated/lined door, 
  • Internal shelf in the cat house & below above ground level
  • Pen Roof is sloped backwards and covered in Green Mineral Felt
  • Run is sectional and has 1.6mm x 25mm x 25mm Galvanised Mesh routed into the panels
  • Lockable door with a bolt/latch inside. 
  • Upgrades include Enhanced Shelves 280mm Deep Instead Of 140mm Deep £5.00 Each, Extra Ladders £20.00 each and an Internal Vestibule £79.00
  • 5 x Standard Internal Shelves Included

Door Position 
Cat Flap 
Cat Flap Position 
Price  £ 1649.00
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