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Medium Cat Activity

Medium Cat Activity with cat box.

Height  1740mm / 2000mm
Price  £ 299.00
Large Cat Activity

Large Cat Activity, with cat box.

Height  1740mm / 2000mm
Price  £ 325.00
Extra Large Cat Activity Post

Extra Large Cat Activity Post, with deeper cat box.

Price  £ 350.00
Central Shelf Feature
 Central Shelf Feature
Height  2.1m / 2.2m / 2.3m / 2.4m
Price  £ 399.00
Tall Roped Pole
 Tall Roped Poll
Height  1.8m / 1.9m / 2.0m / 2.1m / 2.2m / 2.3m / 2.4m / To Fit The Run I'm Also Ordering
Freestanding or Top Fixed?  Freestanding (max height up-to 1.8m) 800mm base / Top fixed 600mm base
Price  £ 279.00
Cat House
 800mm x 550mm x 1000mm tall cat house, various options
Access Panel/Window  Drop Down Hatch / Side Opening Window Hatch
Cat Flap/Round Hole  Cat Flap / Round Hole
Floor Mounted  No / Yes / I'll email instructions
Price  £ 299.00
Additional Ladders
 Additional Ladders 1.5m x 0.3m wide
45 Chamfered Angle To Top  Yes / No
Price  £ 25.00
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