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Over the years we've had some great feedback, but sadly due to our service provider periodically trolling through their servers for spam, it gets lost/deleted :-(

I'll copy any future feedback onto this page, Thanks.

22nd September 2016 (Product ordered, 3m x 1m Covered lean to run)

Popette's run

Dear Brendan,

Here's a view of the cat run you made for me and Popette. We are both delighted, it's brilliant.

Many thanks


3rd September 2016  (Product ordered, 2m x 1m Freestanding run with additional tunnel)

Ronaldo's Run

Hi Brendan,

Our new cat run is extremely well made & seems to have all the luxuries a cat could need. 
Brendan was amazing! I found the website. Rang the number & was given lots of advice about enclosures for cats. Brendan was so helpful, discussing various details by phone and email. We arranged a date for delivery and they arrived on time to fit the tunnel & the run. It's great to have peace of mind now that the cat is happy. 
Fantastic service,



15th June 2016 (product ordered, 2m x 1m Lean to run)

Helios and Ocean's run

Dear Brendan 

Here it is :-) we finally did it my husband and i during the weekend. Our cats Helios and Ocean enjoy the outdoor fresh air thanks to you!

with our best wishes


4th June 2016 (product ordered, 3m x 2.5m free standing run)

Hi Brendan,

All the cats love their new run and i am really pleased with the quality. The larger shelves are the perfect size for my Maine Coons.

Many Thanks



23rd June 2015 (product ordered, bespoke wrap around lean to run + installation)

Lundi's Run

Dear Brendan,

I must apologise about how long it has taken me to send this email. None-the-less I wanted to let you know how much Lundi is enjoying his cage (in fact I struggle to get him in) and provide you with a bit of background and some photos in case you wanted to share this information with others interested in something similar. You are very welcome to do what you like with the text or photos.


Lundi and why he loves his outdoor enclosure


Lundi has a number of medical conditions which make it difficult for us to justify letting him out, particularly in an urban neighbourhood with plenty of other cats around. Lundi came to us with us knowing he has the FIV virus; in fact we actively looked for a cat with this condition, having previously had another cat (Aggy) with the virus. There are some who misunderstand this condition and consider it a death sentence, thankfully attitudes are changing and most now recognise this is definitely not the case - Whether to keep a cat with the FIV virus indoors only is a very personal decision. Lundi had not been allowed outside prior to us getting him. For us, the decision to keep him inside was driven by a new diagnosis of advanced cardiomyopathy, dysrhythmia, early kidney disease and mild epilepsy; of which the first two make a cardiovascular episode very probable.


Given Lundi is unlikely to live a long life due to his cardio conditions, we decided an outside space was a must. After an initial trawl of the internet and a discussion of needs, it was clear a bespoke option was suited to us. In particular we needed an enclosure to fit into a fairly tight corridor before opening up into a bigger space. We also wanted two doors as a security measure to ensure Lundi couldn’t accidentally get out and also so we could leave our back door open in the summer. Prior to have the enclosure fitted to the back of our property we really worried about him escaping via the back door. We also wanted Lundi to have his own cat flap fitted in the wall so he could come in and out at his own leisure and for the space to be of human head height so we could spend time with him. Aside from his medical needs and medication, I can very confidently say that it is the best thing I have done for Lundi in terms of his quality of life and consider it money very well spent. The finish on the enclosure is excellent and you were absolutely right about him loving the shelves!


Since taking the pictures, we have added a little house for to snooze inside when it is too sunny or too wet. We have also built a feeding station to keep the rain off his food. He also has a stool to sit on and which you will see in the pictures.


Thank you so much (and for the letterbox!)

Kind regards,